About CodeSmash

CodeSmash is an online training school with the intent of offering original high quality educational content that focuses on coding and information tech. In an ocean of training courses, CodeSmash has one purpose - To smash and level the learning curve and make it really easy for you to grasp technical concepts. Our instructors have more than a decade of classroom and online training experience and have trained over 20,000 students across all platforms. We don't want to become a huge marketplace of courses with no check on content.

We will gradually add high quality courses to our boutique and you can be sure they're backed by experienced instructors who are happy to help you out on a personal level to ensure your journey to success is mentored with care and focus.

We would love to hear from you and would be happy to listen to course/content recommendations. This is your coding school. And we'd be happy to create content that fits your learning needs.

If you're a company/enterprise establishment that wishes to have content designed for internal consumption, we'll be happy to discuss and explore a way forward with you.

Together, let's smash the learning curve and code our way into the future!